..., maybe you'll commission me to capture memories of your special occasion or event.
Thanks for meeting me here, my name is Martin though it's quicky abbreviated to 'Marty' - when it's my turn to buy a round of drinks!
I've been refining my photographic skills since the mid 90's, there's always a new product or technique to learn.
Global Travel and livestyle magazines have commissoned me for photos or video compositions, they've been used by; P.A.D.I., BBC, Dive Asia, Dive-Log and many others. Numerous restaurant menus also feature my images, Breitling (watches) are another notable client.

Small differences set us apart from others, for me it is my diving experience and specialty in underwater portrait photography. I've been diving since the mid 80's logging in excess of 5,000 dives & I hold P.A.D.I. Instructor rating.
My shooting style is flexible (I just need to know your preferences), water is my element so I like to incorporate it where possible.

What I share with other professional photographers is a deep passion for what I produce above and below the waves. I'm a 'people person', most of my working life has been in sales, I've been fortunate to represent and manage large territories in FNQ (Far North Queensland) for several major corporations.

Simply I'm a 'service provider' doing what people can't do themselves, my work covers;

Weddings, Engagements or Commitment Ceremonies
Photo editing - restoration, enhancement, special effects etc
Macro = small things 
Portraits, on land, in & underwater
Real Estate
Cuisine (for menus etc)
Special or Corporate Events
Model Coaching
Model Portfolios
Pregnancy - development
Sporting Events